Absurd Met becomes Boris Johnson stooge!!

How difficult is it to hand out fixed penalty notices?? We’re not talking court cases here?? Why should Sue Gray’s report be delayed or in any way impinged in any way?? This is political obstruction!! Undermining democracy!!

4 thoughts on “Absurd Met becomes Boris Johnson stooge!!

  1. Opher – It’s the MET meddling in state affairs to protect a floundering, lying P.M. BoJo has been found out, he has no defence and nowhere to hide. His only plan is to lie, lie, lie, or have others lie for him. Dame Dick understands her place, she was always there for Lame Duck.

    The MET’s investigation it likely to take as long as is needed to obscure truth from parliament, and the public. Whilst pressure mounts on the P.M to release a full version of Gray’s report, I don’t believe he will submit the evidence unless, or until, he is legally challenged to do so. It’s time The Good Law Project got serious!

    I think we are long passed any illusion that under the Tories democracy is alive and well in the U.K: it’s a complete farce, an unmitigated disaster. Slowly, slowly, the omnishambolic Tories have pulled the U.K into their cesspit.

    It is clearly time for an overhaul of U.K politics. Drain the swamp.


  2. Heh, heh, heh. “Boris Goodenough” has failed to be good enough.

    Not only has he undermined himself.

    Not only has he undermined democracy, and lost the trust of the people he is supposed to serve.

    But now, he’s undermined the whole Enlightenment concept of government. In a way that everyone can see.

    The anarchist part of me is laughing!

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