Bukowski – The Beast

The Beast

There’s a cage

And there’s a beast.

I choose to cage me.

Opher – 27.12.2019

I was thinking about Bukowski’s descriptions of himself as a child, as Henry. Bullied and afraid.

The world outside was vicious.

We all have a front we put on in the face of the universe. Charles chose to have a projection of decadence – extreme drinking, sex and smoking.

Yet he was isolated, apart and protective of an inner self.

2 thoughts on “Bukowski – The Beast

  1. Opher – Our inner child, secreted away neath layers of adulthood, remains very precious. As a result, I think perhaps we have many external faces, many appropriate hats, and several defense mechanisms that deploy throughout the course of our life depending on the situation. There is little happiness to be gained from life if we only live in fear with a victim mentality.

    Rather than a cage, I thought Love lulled the Bull?


    1. Yes – we can love and live. We can find a clear spot away from the madness – yet, while the madness of greed, selfishness, inequality, poverty, war and environmental catastrophe exist we are compelled to fight it.

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