Boris Johnson and the Parties! Who is Sue Gray?? Are they appointing their own policewoman?

Is this really a completely objective outside analysis of the Tory Parties??

Will this just be a whitewash??

Sue Gray – the Conservative Party’s ‘Winston Wolf’?… Her history sure looks that way. – YouTube

8 thoughts on “Boris Johnson and the Parties! Who is Sue Gray?? Are they appointing their own policewoman?

  1. Opher – Gray’s report will simply lay bare the findings of an investigation for the clown to preside over, seek clarification on, and be seen to act upon. Sadly she does not have the authority to make recommendations or rid us all of the banana in the fruit bowl. Tories policing Tories, what could possibly go wrong with that?!

    As I understand it the MET will not consider any possible investigation until Gray has produced her report. Many will undoubtedly see this as hypocrisy.

    How predictable, how timely, how fortuitous for the cowardly panto P.M to be self-isolating at this time.


    1. Yes – but will that report be impartial and unbiased?
      The MET should already be involved and should be questioning everybody involved! I await justice!

      1. We all await justice!

        There is suggestion in today’s press that Gray’s report will not seek to proportion blame on any one individual but determine that the general culture in No.10 is to blame for any possible rule-breaking. That culture is said to be defined by a P.M already embroiled in allegations of sleaze and corruption. Enough said.

        Totally agree, the MET should be involved and when found guilty, the despicable smirking clown handed his arse on a cold plate.


      2. The mechanisms overseeing rules there to ensure the honorable antics of government, and politicians alike, – those that are meant to uphold the ministerial code of conduct – are being shown to be unfit for purpose.

        Agreed, there should now follow an upending and replacement of such inadequate safeguards combined with the codification of a written constitution. Every MP should be required to publicly swear an oath to uphold core values.


      3. These lawbreakers need a totally impartial body to oversee them and scrutinise their actions. They can’t possibly police themselves. They are far too corrupt. How many times have they deliberately broken national and international law??

  2. P.S: It says a whole lot about the integrity and sincerity of the panto P.M, and by extension the Tory government, when the Data Watchdog feel it necessary to issue a warning to Downing Street staff not to delete messages relating to lockdown parties. A warning that comes the day after BoJo admitted attendance at the 20th May boozy bash, and one that follows the pitiful flat-refurb debacle, and the Lord Bethall VIP Lane approval saga.

    Evidently there must be those working in government who could be willing to compound rule-breaking still further.

    The MET must get involved, and the Good Law Project must take them to court if they refuse!


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