Poetry – The Flame of ideas

The Flame of ideas

Once an idea has been lit

The match cannot be unstruck.

For the brain is dry tinder

And the flames will run amok.

Trails of petrol between us

Take the form of words.

Flames jump from mind to mind

As hot as searing swords.

We set the world alight

With the ideas we concoct

Delving into mysteries

That we have then unlocked.

Sometimes we create

Religion, philosophy and politics

That tyrannise the people

With a bunch of wicked tricks.

Sometimes we create answers

To problems in the world

And make life much better

With the truths we have unfurled.

If only all our ideas

Were all for the best

Those flames could burn fiercely

Nobody would be oppressed.

Opher – 12.11.2019

Human beings are very much a duality. We are so good at solving problems and coming up with ideas. The only trouble is that not all our ideas are good ones.

These ideas and inventions spread like wildfire. They have created our success. They have also created much misery.

Often we cannot tell if an idea is going to produce something beneficial or destructive. Only time can tell. I mean, is the idea of god a good one? Or the invention of the atomic bomb?

Was language a good thing? Or writing?

Once an idea has been unleashed we cannot uncreate it.

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