Cambodia – The Other Side – The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is the memorial site of the S-21 interrogation and detention centre.

The other side of Cambodia was Pol Pot and the years of the Kmer Rouge, genocide, tyranny and terror.

No trip to Cambodia is complete without a visit to The Killing Fields and torture camps.

In the interrogation centre S21 12000 people were horribly tortured and murdered in the name of fanatical politics.

It’s a warning to us all.

The Cambodian people were so kind and friendly. It’s impossible to imagine how they could become such monsters. But they did become heartless monsters. They rounded up all the intelligentsia, all the teachers, the doctors, the professors, the scientists – anybody with a shred of intelligence. They took them off to the killing fields and worked them to death. They took them to the torture camps, tortured them mercilessly and killed them.

It could happen anywhere.

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