Poetry – Belligerence


Great city walls

Turrets and guardrooms,

Lances, bows

And cauldrons of molten lead;

Kingdoms come

And Kingdoms go;

Cities are built

And then destroyed;

Lands change hands –

Nothing is permanent.

Armies pour forth

To pillage and destroy.

Rape and death

Are dispensed

Without mercy.

It is the tale of history,

The tale of humanity

And I am left wondering why?

How life could be so much easier

For us all,

If not for the senseless


Of human nature.

To rule, to take, to hurt,

To terrorise and always seek more.

What a great waste!

What a terrible history!

What a horrific species!

How much better we could have done!

Is there no hope?

Opher – 2.10.2019

All around the world I see human beings putting so much of their wealth and energy into protecting themselves against other human beings.

Why are we so belligerent?

Why do we think that war and violence are ever acceptable?

We do some people think it is better to steal the wealth of others rather than work to make their own?

Just imagine what we could have achieved if we hadn’t wasted so much time, effort, innovation and lives on war.

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