Shambolic Johnson admits he lied to the public for a week. What’s new?

I have just watched a pitiful display by our clown of a leader as he finally gets around to admitting there was a party in his own house!! He blustered and tried to deflect but still denied all knowledge.

For a week he has categorically stated that there was NO PARTY!!


This is obviously complete bollocks.

He lied. He tried to fool the public and thought he could get away with it.

At a time where HE had introduced a total ban on all parties. HE had limited all indoor contact to two people and a maximum of 6 outside, dozens of HIS staff came in their Christmas jumpers to enjoy nibbles, party games and alcoholic drinks in complete breach of the laws of the land that HE had introduced.

HE still denies he knew anything about it – but then, he’s a liar, isn’t he?

So if he knows nothing about what goes on in HIS own house how can HE categorically deny it happened?


What makes it even worse is that his staff actually met up to practice how they were going to lie about it to the public! They laughed about it as they practiced their lies and analysed how they could answer any awkward questions. This is the arrogance, deceit and prevarication that is entrenched in the Tory Party. It’s not one rule for them and another for us; they feel so entitled that they have no rules!!

2 thoughts on “Shambolic Johnson admits he lied to the public for a week. What’s new?

  1. Weirdly enough, I feel slightly (only slightly) sorry for Allegra Stratton because, from the brief bits I’ve seen of her she is a very good, articulate advocate for Johnson. She did look rough on her resignation speech!

    Otherwise, it’s all going wonderfully well!


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