Poetry – I’m a cat

I’m a cat

I’m a cat.

No-one can cage me.

I’m above it all.

I do what I like:

To sleep,

To hunt

And defend my territory.

I tolerate you

As long as you feed me

I manipulate you

It’s easy.

I purr,

I nuzzle,

When I want.

I’m a cat.

Opher – 28.6.2019

What is it they say? If you feed a dog and pamper it then it thinks you are a king. If you do the same to a cat it thinks it is a king.

Cats always do things on their terms. They have evolved to manipulate people with their big eyes, purrs and nuzzling. Their role as a deterrent for vermin has greatly declined. They now exchange their warmth and friendliness for food and shelter. Their soft coat and explicit delight in human attention are stress relievers.

But cats are always calculated.

I like cats.

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