Why won’t any of the Government appear on Newsnight?

It is scandalous really. Boris Johnson and the cabinet are refusing to appear on Newsnight or any other news programme where they and their policies might be questioned.

  1. They do not like being scrutinised.
  2. They know that their policies do not stand up well with the electorate
  3. They do not want their real policies and attitudes revealed and talked about
  4. They think that be keeping silent things will quickly fade away

The Tories are getting away with murder. Their covid policies have resulted in many tens of thousands of needless deaths. Their Brexit lies have been shown to be lies. The Brexit we have got, the hardest possible, has cost the country an absolute fortune. The trade deals are not there like they assured us they would be. The hit to GDP is huge. The cost of Brexit is being hidden. The cronyism with untendered contracts is being swept under the table. The loading of institutions with Tory chums is tightening control or many institutions. The control of the BBC with threats and Tory placements is threatening any unbiased reporting. The lies about solving the care system have been shown to be lies. The privatisation of the NHS by stealth is proceeding. The cuts to the public sector are continuing. The war against those on benefits continue. Those on benefits are presented as scroungers while those evading taxes and stashing millions abroad on the Cayman Islands are praised. International laws are broken. Procedures to ensure that corruption is dealt with are blatantly ignored.

With an 80 seat majority they arrogantly think they can do what they like and are not accountable to anyone – not even parliament.

They are quite content to continue to quietly manipulate things behind the scenes and keep out of the public eye. The opposition are currently useless, the media are in their pocket, the wealthy elite are filling their coffers, they have a revolving door into a life of affluence after office.

They do not have to account for their actions. They do not want they actions or motives scrutinised. We are moving to totalitarian control.

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