Poetry – To be comfortable.

To be comfortable.

Life is hard and coarse.

It rubs and chafes

To make you sore.

For some the wear

Becomes too much;

They seek a door.

But if you are lucky

You can bend it

Until it is cosy.

Worn to your shape,

Soft to the touch

And life is rosy.

For we are part worn,

Not yet worn out –

At ease.

We have fathomed

What life is about –


Opher 1.6.2019

The first poem of my eightieth decade! Wow! Who’d have thought? But I’m at ease with who I am. I know what I oppose and what I stand for. I’m happy within my skin.

I think back with sadness to the friends lost on the way. I miss them. I value those who are left but I know we will not go on forever. I’ve come to terms with that.

Life is a challenge. One can become disillusioned or one can fight what is wrong.

I choose to fight.

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