Poetry – Time if you please

Time if you please

Meg had been the landlord

Of the Rancid Stoat and Quail

But now at ninety five

She wasn’t pulling ale.

T’was the fire that she was craving

That kept her old bones well.

These days she just huddled close

And listened to the tales.

She’d had a happy childhood

With her sisters, mum and dad.

Wild in the countryside –

Life hadn’t been so bad.

And when she’d been a-courtin’

She’d had her share of bliss

Dancing with the lads

And sharing many a kiss.

But she’d settled down

With her handsome husband Syd

And working well together

Created many a kid.

Those had been the happiest days

With her family all around

A house so full of gaiety

Where laughter was the sound.

No matter how they’d grown

No matter how big they were

Even with families of their own,

They were still just kids to her.

She wondered where the time had gone

The years had flown so fast.

But they were full and happy days

When dwelling on the past.

But now her body lurched.

She felt her heart jerk.

Her whole world was spinning

Before a gathering murk.

With a sigh she slid

From her chair down to her knees

As a voice in her head called:

‘Time – Time if you please!’


This was a title with my writing group. I started to write something funny (as can be seen from the rancid stoat) but I was kind of caught up in a little sentimental story and this is how it came out.

Time was what they used to call in the pubs and ring their bell to signal last orders.

One day it will be time for us all.

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