We’re all doomed!!

I just looked out my window today to see five million Turks tramping past – all heading for the dole office to sign on.

Simultaneously they were heading off to take all our jobs and women.

Every one of them was a fanatical Muslim. They are intent on usurping Christianity and declaring Britain an Islamic state.

In the opposite direction there were lorries passing in a big convoy – all carrying cash from the EU and heading for the hospitals to buy everything they need.

I went to the supermarket but I could not recognise the food. It was all eastern European. Nobody spoke English anymore so I could not ask what it was.

It’s not safe to go out after dark because all the immigrants around here are rapists and murderers. The ones that aren’t are trafficking women, forming gangs and, armed to the teeth, are hunting down anyone white.

The whole area is full of drug gangs. You can’t recognise the place!

The police turn a blind eye to mass murder and gang rape of children because they do not want to cause offence to immigrant communities. Besides, all the laws are made in Europe and they only pertain to sausages and curved cucumbers.

If only we could get our borders back under control and make our own laws – everything would get back to the glorious life it used to be – just like Dickens described. If we could only seize back control!

We could be a global force again! We could reclaim our empire and rule the world!!

Before me I saw Farage – a prophet – speaking truth to power, daring to tame the beast in his den. He might be a merchant banker with a finger in the pie but he had his other fingers on the pulse. He might be a tad rude but he was an Englishman. He drank beer and smoked a fag. He probably had a fag or two when he was at Dulwich College. Who knows?

I saw Johnson with the truth spewing out of his mouth, a halo on his head! In the distance I saw Trump dispensing wisdom and advice. Gove trotted along beside a golem of infinite wisdom, an apparition of loveliness.

I blinked and the vision evaporated. I started to shake. I realised that I was seriously ill. I didn’t know if what was left of the NHS could possibly save me. I had succumbed. I had a severe case of the Expressmailitis malady. It had drilled into my head and poisoned my brain!! I don’t think there’s a remedy.

I’m doomed!! We’re all doomed!!

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