Poetry – Death from a thousand cuts

Death from a thousand cuts

Death from a thousand cuts

As drug rehab is slashed.

Death from a thousand cuts

As police numbers crash.

Death from a thousand cuts

As the GPs are bashed.

The NHS can’t sew them up

As they are starved of cash.

The schools can’t educate

With a system that is smashed.

The Tories don’t give a damn

As they orchestrate this crash.

Death from a thousand cuts

And privatise away.

Death from a thousand cuts

They’ll vote for us anyway.

Death from a thousand cuts

That’s justice under May!

Opher – 9.5.2019

Under the fog of Brexit the Tories have been gleefully robbing the poor, cutting services and giving our cash to their rich buddies. Tax cuts and privatisation, bonuses and huge salaries for the elite. Meanwhile the streets aren’t safe, the hospitals can’t cope, the youth services have disappeared, the gangs rule the streets –

While the Tories carry their loot to the bank!

What was it Osborne said??? We’re all in it together??

How much is he earning again??

35 thoughts on “Poetry – Death from a thousand cuts

      1. Sadly, we all are. The people who see it feel it more. The people who vote for this think it’s better than it is, and their children get subpar education too. We are all on this sinking ship together. As people way better with words than I am have said: “we would all go down together,”* “we just always saw it from a different point of view”**
        * “Goodnight Saigon”, Billy Joel
        ** “Tangled Up in Blue”, Bob Dylan

      2. Yes you are right Marla. We are in it together. What happens affects us all – except those at the top who are profiting and immune from the harmful effects. Rees-Mogg made £7 million out of Brexit and is making a killing out of Covid too! There is no morality.

      3. No. It’s just a mental shift. We don’t think it’s ok, but other people see these actions as a creative way to be successful, so they find it commendable.

      4. An answer to what? It’s a psychological bias. Same as if you assume someone knows what you know. Like my father thinking that my sisters and I should have known more about the moon landing than what was in a text book. He lived through it, and we didn’t. But that’s a part of it. As is people’s opinion that their views are the right ones.

      5. I think you are right. The kids are not taught to think, explore, investigate or create. It’s back to rote learning of limited material.

      6. That’s honestly kind of the issue right there. Because we agree doesn’t mean they’re wrong and we’re right. I will admit, I believe we are right and they are not. But if they tried to change your mind, you wouldn’t take kindly to it either. As long as there’s something to discuss it has two very different sides. I hate bustin’ out dr phil, but he says “it don’t matter how flat you make the pancake it’s gonna have two sides.” That’s the truth. Even two people who agree don’t completely agree.

      7. You write your truth, but when thinking about how to change everyone’s mind to see things more “clearly” as defined from your perspective alone, you will find there is no answer. Humans have the capacity to understand, and an equal capacity to do mental gymnastics to believe whole heartedly that theirs should be the only point of view.

        When you write, write what you truly believe. Those that agree will be drawn to your message. Those that don’t may be drawn to reading the other side. But labeling the other side as people that disagree with you is closing off the conversation that should be had.

        The best one can hope for js to not only spread the message they themselves have, but to be open minded enough to hear the other side, no matter how…out there it seems.

        There are certain people I do not follow my own advice with, but that’s because they are truly sheep in many respects. My cousin for example. He believed his entire life that companies have the right to make decisions for their employees. If the company doesn’t agree with the idea of birth control, they can offer a specialized healthcare plan that does not assist in paying for any type of birth control, thus making the decision for many of their employees. Things like that. This man is in his 50’s and has believed that his entire life. Now, suddenly, companies do not have the right to insist that their employees get the vaccine. It’s against the individual’s rights. 2 years ago, individual people had no say, they had to abide by company rules. Now it’s all about the individual. (I would also like to point out that he created a business selling masks and he was one of the first in line for a vaccine for him and his family). You can’t listen to that, or be open minded, it literally makes no sense. Then, because you don’t believe what he believes, he starts name calling. I won’t discuss it with him. His brother, on the other hand, believes as he does (although they will never agree that they agree, that’s bordering on blasphemy), but will sit down and tell you a laundry list of reasons that you’re wrong. When you correct him on either your belief or why you hold that belief, he will listen and respond to what was said. We have never changed each other’s minds, but both understand the other side a little bit better now.

      8. You are completely right. We are all set in our mindsets and they are very difficult to shift.
        I believe that the answer lies in the young who are more flexible – and good education that encourages people to think for themselves, be creative and empathetic.
        I also believe that we contribute to a zeitgeist and that zeitgeist is what shifts a lot of peoples’ views.
        I have hope that we can create a better world.
        Discussion is good. My posts are far too dogmatic.

      9. The belief that your posts are too dogmatic is the only thing you truly have in your control.

        The young are more flexible, but mixed messages will never change anything. If you have the child of someone who believes a certain thing (Holocaust Denier, Climate Change Denier, Vaccine Denier, Flat Earther, etc.), and they go to school and learn about it, there is a chance they change their views. But when they go home and hear the same as our children but from the other side, it’s difficult for them to make sense of it. You learn the earth is round. You go home and mom and dad say that it is flat ans they teach that in schools because more people think that because they don’t know better, how would a little mind take that?

        Conversely, if you live somewhere that says that the right to choose is evil and bad, but you believe the opposite, your kid will come home and ask you. You’re telling them that the right to choose is important and the school is telling them it’s murder. That little brain will be equally confused. It’s the pancake – just with a little mind, and disguised as education. People have long believed the schools should have more responsibility in the raising of the young and the education of the young. I have maintained they shouldn’t. Based on your geographic location, the educational system can be drastically different. I’m not even referring to within the same country. From country to country the education systems are dramatically different (assuming everyone has access to an education at all). It’s hard to change views when you’re getting mixed signals from every adult around you. You’re left to take that muddled up information and try to twist it into something that makes any type of sense. The likelihood that it will make any sense at all is severely reduced.

        A good education, as defined by you, is an idealistic education. Teacher must hit certain points to make sure they are able to reach what needs to be taught based on a predetermined curriculum. Most of the time, to learn your basic education (the 3 R’s) doesn’t leave much room for independent thinking, creativity or empathy. Those are things that must be learned at home. Otherwise, school becomes a center for healing rather than one of education. You don’t have time to learn the earth is round if you’re trying to ensure a whole class is empathetic and creative.

        Education starts at home and should continue even if school has begun. It’s never too late to teach your children. Crosby, Stills Nash and Young at their finest.

      10. Aaah but school is a centre for healing as well as learning. Much of the thinking, creativity and invention can be done through the way one teaches. A good school engages students in active learning. A bad school spoonfeeds facts.
        I don’t mind a bit of confusion. A confused kid is more likely to think and investigate further rather than just accept. I think we can make kids better people and undo some of the bad things that come from home.

      11. “A confused kid is more likely to think and investigate further rather than just accept”

        That’s more a case of wishful thinking. I know many kids who got confused and stopped bothering to learn anything. Not everyone is curious.

      12. Sadly that’s true – and not too many schools either. Yet teaching is fundamental to the future. It should be first priority.

      13. True. But it’s not just politicians. If it was, we’d all be able to think. There are a lot of groups that benefit from lack of knowledge or ability to steer the masses. I think all of them together create the world we now have

      14. What? That which has been written will forever be true. Obviously. just look at the truth on display on this printed magazine:

        I think you’ll agree that the facts support the analysis on your screen. However, maybe not the print on the magazine….

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