Nick Harper Gig in Cottingham

It was so good to be back in live events again and to see the great Nick Harper once more. I never get tired of Nick. Talking to him before the gig he told me that it had been hard getting back into performing after a two-year break; like starting over – half adrenalin and half terror.

You wouldn’t know it from the performance. It was immaculate.

All the ingredients were there and more. His songwriting is genius. The guitar playing is immense. The voice superb. The talking between tracks spot on. He kept us rapt throughout the evening and led us through a range of emotions.

I love his honesty, integrity, wit and intelligence. He is able to talk about anything and everything. What came over even more at this gig was his humour. He had everyone roaring. It was a stand-up comedy act at times.

Then there was the outspoken politics, the unashamed speaking out against the incompetence and corruption of this lying administration.

There were the most poignant moments with the memories of his mother and the songs he had written for her.
The love songs, tinged with humour and poetry in quick-fire delivery.

It’s so rare to find someone who combines all these things into such a warm, intimate evening. The musicianship was sublime, the warmth of the performance communicated brilliantly. Nick’s a one-off versatile genius. I came out glowing and buzzing – sated.

I hope the terror subsides. This was worth waiting for.

Thanks to Rich and Lou for organising the event. I know how much effort goes in.

A big thank you to Bret Hambling for providing these great sketches. He was busy throughout. I love them. Better than the usual photos!! Thanks Bret!

I look forward to the next time. I hope it’s not too far away!!

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