Poetry – Death of a Million

Death of a Million

Death of a million species

Absurdly eclipsed by a Prince.

Ecological crisis across the world;

Everywhere has our fingerprints.

Economic growth signals our end

As we put profit first.

Species after species

Fall to our insatiable thirst.

Who cares about the birth of a royal,

As our population soars?

With numbers swamping nature,

Breaking all the natural laws.

Billions of individuals

Will meet an untimely death.

As we destroy everything

That gives us all our breath.

Opher – 6.5.2019

Today the news that we were putting one million species at great risk of extinction was superseded by the news of Harry and Megan’s baby.

For fuck’s sake – where are our priorities?

Hundreds of scientists have contributed to a detailed survey right across the world outlining the impact mankind is having on the natural world. What they paint is a picture of massive accelerating decline that puts not only one million species at risk but our own future with them. Yet the birth of some bloody royal is seemingly more important!

If ever anything demonstrates how we have got our values wrong this must surely be it!

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