Poetry – Like a scab upon the planet

Like a scab upon the planet

Like a scab

                That keeps growing.

A cancer

                That eats away.

A river

                That erodes its banks.

A fungus

                On an agar dish.

Human civilisation

Spreads its canker

Across the planet.

It grows,


                                And consumes

All it touches.

It mindlessly


                                All that dares to live

To dust.

Opher – 2.5.2019

I was sitting thinking of the many hopelessly overcrowded cities I have visited across the world with their sprawling suburbs, ramshackle slums and piles of trash, rubble and polluted dust. How they have devoured what once were beautiful landscapes teeming with life and turned them into ugliness.

They really are a cancer eating away at the planet.

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Like a scab upon the planet

  1. Wow, you really were in a bad mood back in May 2019, weren’t you, Opher? But I could, in fact, agree with your entire poem if you changed just a single line. Instead of “Human civilisation,” you should be criticizing “Political privilege.” There, fixed it for ya!

    In my view, you are wrong to take such a view of human civilization. Human civilization, and economic progress and prosperity, are not problems; they are good things. Issues like overcrowded cities and ramshackle slums can easily be solved by expanding human civilization and increasing prosperity for all who deserve it. That’s what we did in the Industrial Revolution. And that’s what we ought still to be doing today; but the politically rich won’t have it.

    Instead, they are seeking to smash us all down into poverty. That’s what all this “COP 26” and the rest of the green scam are all about; the politically privileged want to force us human beings back into a primitive age, while making themselves and their cronies very rich. It’s not just the Tories; it’s all those that benefit from political power and privilege. They are traitors to human civilization, and they deserve to be expelled from our civilization.

    1. Naw Neil. You just don’t seem to get it. We are merely animals, We have evolved along with all the other forms of life in an interconnecting web. If you mess that web up too much you destroy our life support system. We cannot live without the other organisms. It’s symbiotic.
      We have already greatly disturbed that balance and are tipping it into a catastrophe. I think you’ve got yourself stuck in a mindset. As a biologist I look around and it is obvious. The stats are there. The effects are obvious too. You just refuse to admit that you’ve got it wrong.
      But I agree with you about this present bunch of self-serving imbeciles. They need kicking out!!

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