Poetry – Frozen in time

Frozen in time

A warm breeze stirs the long grass in the meadow.

There is a heady scent of dried hay and flowers in the air.

The blue sky goes on for ever.

The sun never ceases to give its heat

And I feel it on my skin.

The bees continue to hum.

The long dead swallows still swoop

Over the fields plucking insects from the air.

I still lay on my back in that field

Feeling the vitality of that same day

As an electricity frozen in time.

It is a moment that never dies,

That I revisit time and time again,

As long as I have the mind

To summon it back to life.

Opher – 1.5.2019

It is a powerful childhood memory. I am alone in a meadow of long grass on a beautiful summer day. I am lying on my back staring up at that sky, with a stem of grass in my mouth, feeling the warmth of the sun, surrounded by nature, the butterflies, bees, beetles and bugs, the aroma of dried grass in my nostrils, the swallows swooping all around, and I am peering up into the blue. The thought comes into my head that that sky goes on forever. It is novel and powerful. My mind rebels against it. Everything has an end. But the sky doesn’t. The idea is so unbelievable that it gives me vertigo and I feel as if I am falling up into it.

It is a moment that is etched in my memory. It is real. I can summon it up at will. That moment still lives frozen in time, locked within my mind – a vivid video – still alive.

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