Poetry – Tips


Minarets, mosques and tips

Kasbahs, souks and trips

Fountains, Atlas mountains,

Snake charmers, monkey teasers,

Olives, spices but no chips.

Scorching sun, shady slips,

Belly dancer’s hips,

Camels and misused animals,

Beast of burden, carts

And acrobatic flips.

All seeking tips.

Opher 5.4.2019

It seems that every step you take someone pops up to try to do something for you in return for a tip. You can’t even go to the toilet without someone juggling coins in your face.

Everyone is looking to squeeze money out of your pockets.

The whole country is a tourist construction. It seems that the main business of Morocco is the tourist trade. In the square one is regaled with snake charmers, monkey teasers, ostriches, palm readers, fortune tellers, story tellers, acrobats and sweetmeats.

In the souks stalls of merchandise of all descriptions, the drums of pickles, olives and fruit in mounds, the fish arranged in rows, the spices in a multitude of colour in conical heaps. Choose your own chicken. Bake your own bread.

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