Poetry – Morocco Bound

Morocco Bound

Hazy mountains through winter smog;

Flocks of sheep before the dog;

Candy man cannot be found;

But in the square there’s plenty sound.

Get up – move over

We’re Morocco bound!

In the fields the poor people toil.

Underneath there’s phosphate and oil.

The beast of burden look worn down.

Great poverty is all around.

Pastures of plenty from the barren ground;

We’re Morocco bound!

Calls for prayer from the minarets

In case the common man forgets.

The superb mosque shines in the sun;

A grand reminder for everyone.

But nothing much can bring us down,

We’re Morocco bound!

We all know where the power resides.

It’s always the same group who decides.

They can ignore the rules,

Use religion like a tool,

While we all obey the call,

that’s all.

We’re seeking all there is to be found

We’re Morocco bound!

Opher 20.3.2019

We set off to discover Morocco. It is still a land of contrasts. There’s great poverty among the common people, great grandeur in the mosques and palaces and massive inequality. While the ruling classes live the high life in opulence, the peasants live a hard life off the land just like they’ve done for centuries.

The tourists seem like manna from heaven to the poor people.

We’re the suckers they want to fleece.

There was great beauty to be found, great culture to be experienced, but it is all filtered through the plasticity of the tourist’s journey. Oh to be young, penniless and really part of it. But that’s no longer possible, is it?

We’re rich tourists now. We see it from afar.

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