Poetry – Tax is Optional

Tax is Optional

Such fools are we

To become ensnared in the system,

Where we pay tax on every penny

While the wealthy consider

Tax to be voluntary.

While we have our taxes

Deducted at source

With no means for latitude

There is, of course,

Subject to all manner of chicaneries,

So that their millions

Accrue in vast heaps

Below the radar.

Because tax is for the little people.

It is the poor who build the roads,

The schools and health care

While they begrude us

Basic welfare.

To suggest this is unfair

Is communist ideology

Not for the likes of you or me,

Not in the land of the free.

We should know our place

To complain is a disgrace.

They don’t need our schools

They operate on different rules.

Opher 4.4.2019

I watched this programme where these young wealthy men were in their club, knocking back their sparkly and laughing about the system.

They were saying tax was optional, that taxes were for the little people and income tax is voluntary.

Their arrogance and sneering was infuriating.

Their wealth put them above all the rules that the rest of us had to abide by.

They did not need our schools, hospitals or welfare systems. They would not deign to mix with the plebs – just exploit them.

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