Poetry – Under the Fog of Brexit

Under the Fog of Brexit

Under the fog of Brexit the country falls to bits;

Ravaged, destroyed and smitten by the Tory shits.

Death by a million cuts in unending austerity

As lack of investment destroys our industry.

Creeping privatisation bleeding cash to their chums

Leaving ordinary folks feeding off the crumbs.

Food banks, soup kitchens, so many sleeping rough.

Down on our knees – the country’s had enough!

The schools are losing teachers

Hospitals can’t find a nurse.

Ten years of cuts and nastiness

Has made the matter worse.

Crime waves and knifings

Are all taking their toll.

Tens of thousands of police

Chucked over the wall.

The courts are all in chaos

The prisons in a mess.

Youth services shut down

Gangs don’t care less.

Under the fog of Brexit the country’s suffering.

Tory louts and ideologist are free to do their thing.

Cutting here, cutting there and tax cuts for the rich.

Swigging champagne and heading for the ditch.

Under the fog of Brexit they get away with murder.

With callous ineptitude that send us all to Purdah.

These arrogant Tories have never had it so good.

They’re robbing us all blind just like I knew they would.

Under the fog of Brexit!

Opher – 1.2.2019

They are literally getting away with murder. How many people have actually died directly because of Tory cuts?

How many knife murders are due to their slashing of police numbers, destruction of the youth service and removal of support?

How many deaths are due to the slashing of health budgets?

How many murderers were released by overworked courts?

How many prisoners died in our understaffed prisons.

How many lives have been blighted by the funding cuts to education?

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