Poetry – In Need of a Nurse

In Need of a Nurse

Bonobos, tigers, rhinos and whales,

Elephants, gorillas, orangutans and quails,

Shot at, butchered, ousted and worse;

The whole wide world is in need of a nurse.

There’ madness at work

As we murder and kill

As we flatten the forests

And hunt for a thrill.

There’s meanness at work

As we shovel the cash

With no thought for the future

As we pile up our stash.

I ask you how things could get much worse?

Humanity’s sick

Send for the nurse!

Opher 3.2.2019

I reckon it’s going to take more than a nurse to put right our sick world.

We’re systematically killing off nature.

We probably need to send for the undertaker.

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