Poetry – Reflectin’


The sun is at its lowest ebb.

The fire roars.

The mulled wine flows

And laughter resounds

With friends and family.

A time to reflect on life –

On a year that has gone.

A time to assess,

And a time to look ahead

To what is to come

With new resolve.

Out of the ashes

Of what might have been

Comes the phoenix

Of new possibilities.

If one is clear-sighted enough

To learn from ones mistakes

And take those lessons forward.

In the flickering flames

Of the dying fire

Are forged new ideas

And the determination

To make them real.

Opher 24.12.2018

Sometimes, on a winter’s night, it is good to sit in front of the last remains of the fire, to feel its glow, watch the last flames licking, and think. There is a mesmerizing hypnotism to a fire. It draws on in and allows great introspection.

What new resolve is forged in those flames?

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