Poetry – Not Opposed to Guns and Hunting

Not Opposed to Guns and Hunting


A strange thing came over me.

I realized I was no longer opposed

To guns and hunting, I suppose.

The idea of it gave me a thrill –

To go in for the messy kill!

I’d developed an itchy finger

And a mind that would linger

On scenes of blood and gore

As bodies smashed on to the floor.

I could picture in my head

The bullet striking something dead!

Was I sick? Was I ill?

It was indeed a bitter pill;

To think that I was smitten

And rabid – I’d been bitten!

But I would hunt the trophy hunters

The poachers and dog fight punters

The badger baiters and cruel whalers

The seal clubbers and fur balers

That is how I’d get my fun

Nailing them! Every one!

I know I’m sick. I should get a cure.

But they deserve it – that’s for sure!

Opher 28.12.2018

No – it’s alright! I haven’t gone nuts. I haven’t become a right-wing gun-totin’ nut. I haven’t joined the NRA.

It was just a passing whimsy.

I just hate all those evil bastards so much – the ones out there pumping machine gun bullets into rhinos and elephants, the ones out hunting all those beautiful creatures – lions, tigers and gorillas, the ones who are so cruel that they love to see animals ripping each other apart.

I reckon they all need shooting!

At least I can dream.

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