Farewell Charlie Watts – one of the great Rock Drummers

It was really sad news to hear that Charlie has died. He was the driving force behind the Stones. The basis of a good band are the drums and bass with a couple of flashy individuals taking the limelight. Charlie did not travel round the kit like Ginger Baker, thrash around like a genius spotlight grabber like Keith Moon, thump around like a monster power beast like John Bonham; he was really a Jazz drummer and provided that steady base from which the band were anchored. Perfection.

The Stones will be less without him.

When I heard that he was missing the US tour I thought something major was up. He’d had throat cancer in 2004 but recovered. The rumour was that he’d had a heart op and needed to recuperate. All that is reported is that he died peacefully in his sleep. Just 80 years old and playing to near the end!!

Charlie made for a strange member of the most flamboyant band in the world; more resembling a dapper banker than a swashbuckling Rock Star. He never liked the limelight. But he sure was a fundamental part of the second-best band the world has ever known!

I’ll sure miss you Charlie! Glad I saw and heard you play!!


5 thoughts on “Farewell Charlie Watts – one of the great Rock Drummers

  1. Recently they’re dropping like flies. I heard about Phil Everly today. Sad to see them go. Charlie Watts was the Stones foundation, and the only likable one among them.

    1. All slipping away. Eras are shunting past. All history now. I’m now the old git treading water, out of my time. Soon it will be reinvented.

      1. Yup. Btw it was Donnie who passed, I heard it wrong this AM. The torch needs to be passed, so keep treading and keep the flame alive.

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