14 thoughts on “Global Warming – Desperate!!

  1. We understand there is no identifiable global anything (And no one knows the impact of warming, whether good or bad in the long run, that happening over and over prior to human beings ever entering the scene. Natural.), the planet far too large and complex, elements affecting outside our scope, and people needing more important things in their lives of which to attend, like raising their children properly, making money for the family, and holding to the U.S. Constitution with the propaganda being used to dumb down the country.

    1. Wow Dolphin I never thought you’d fall for that. There is a vast amount of scientific evidence that the planet is warming up. The effects of that warming is very well understood – from changes in weather patterns leading to droughts, floods and bushfires to changes in air and water streams. Everything that is happening now is predicted. There is no doubt that our destruction of rainforests, pollution levels and burning of fossil fuels is behind these changes.
      Perhaps you should stop listening to Trump and start listening to the scientists and experts?
      Global warming is real.

  2. Calculated atmosphere, reading interactions among elements. Calculated water amount, also the interactions read. Earth both above and below. Magma. Magnetism. Listing elements we know about, of course, much we still don’t, so research is good. The sun. The stars. Gravity. Interactions. Our little pea brains barely capable of understanding how leaves grow. Not one scientist can cause a leaf to become. It’s all amazing. It’s a wonder. Never to believe comprehension by regular folk when scientists we’ve listened to realize the data shows nothing regarding, but that requires research, like looking up scientists disproving man-made climate change (Can get the papers, some, their books, and listen to online speeches. Fascinating. I suppose, many people think they understand the theory of relativity. It’s interesting.

    1. As a scientist I can tell you exactly how a leaf functions and the intricate chemical and electronic pathways in photosynthesis. It’s no mystery. We teach it to our A Level students.
      Science is complicated. Our knowledge is far from complete.
      One thing is clear – the earth is warming. The greenhouse effect is real. It is starting to create major problems with floods, droughts, fires and rising sea levels. These will get a lot worse.
      It appears that America has lost the plot. It has given up on science and gone full pelt into superstition. Trump did a good job on undermining science and experts. It’s all fake news.
      Same as covid.
      I tell you who’s laughing hardest and that’s the petro-chemical industry who are pumping out the real fake news for profit.

  3. Okay. I’ll say one more thing of absolute certainty, then you can respond, as we know you will. You’re not a scientist, certainly not one that has truly done their homework. Listen

  4. Listen to scientists who stand against any man-made global anything, some explaining the politics of why they’re not given airtime and not calculated into the percentages. Readers decide, but do your real readings, studies, and research, being patient. A true scientist tests theories, and this one is so half-baked that, even with another hundred years of testing, would just crack the seal of understanding: maybe..

    1. Dolphin – I have a degree in Science. I read extensively. I look at the facts. I travel the world extensively and look at the reality. I have lived a long time and look at the differences around me. I am not stupid. I know what I see.
      Global warming is real. The biodiversity problem is real. The evidence is all around us.

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