Poetry – The Ballad of David Cameron, Brexit and Green Swill

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The Ballad of David Cameron, Brexit and Green Swill

My name is David Cameron

I’m a jolly Bullingdon boy.

I’ve come from a world of privilege

Where your lives are just a toy.

I’d do anything to gain power

To keep the ERG on side.

So I promised them a referendum

To let the country decide.

I arrogantly assumed

The government would be hung

Just as the polls predicted

But the momentum had swung.

I never thought we’d win.

I thought we’d be in coalition.

Then I could blame the lib-dems

For changing my position.

Blow me down – it all went wrong!

Somehow we pulled it off.

That slim majority

Made the going rough.

So I gave them their referendum.

I never thought we’d lose.

But decades of toxic lies

Had poisoned the public’s views.

We’d given them years of austerity

With ‘We’re all in it together’.

I simply…

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