Poetry – John Phillips – The Ballad of Dodgy Dave

Dodgy Dave!!

Opher's World

Time for a reprise of John Phillips. I do enjoy his political poems. As Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro continue to make a cock-up I think it’s always good to understand that they promise the earth and deliver sod all – particularly Tories and Republicans.

The Ballad of Dodgy Dave

When Cameron was Prime Minister

That’s when it all began.

He thought he could do anything;

He was that kind of man.

The Tories thought him wonderful,

Their fortunes, he could save;

Whilst Labour sought to bring him down

And called him Dodgy Dave.

When faced with an election

He laid a cunning plan.

He’d hold a referendum

And win himself some fans.

Right-wingers were a problem;

They hated the E.U.

He’d give them rope to hang themselves;

That’s what he planned to do.

He launched his manifesto;

The promises ran free.

They won him the election,

By stealth and bribery.

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