Trump Heading for the Slammer!!!!

Tax – that’s how they nailed Al Capone. But he was just a small-time gangster compared to Trump’s colossal scamming. Trump made $1.6 billion out of the Presidency. Easy money. I bet he didn’t pay a cent of tax. He’s been robbing American people all his life!!

Now they are going to force the release of the tax returns he has been refusing to reveal. It will reveal the enormity of the crime. The tax is the tip of the iceberg.


Representing the ordinary Blue-collar workers? I don’t think so. They’ve been had by a conman.

US justice department orders release of Trump’s tax returns | Financial Times

99 thoughts on “Trump Heading for the Slammer!!!!

  1. I don’t know if it will happen. My brain tells me “FINALLY!” But I have the same sneaky feeling I did before. The first time, he was actually elected President-the biggest con-man alive. This time, I don’t know why it’s there. Whether he gets out unscathed or not I dunno. But it may be that his con was never just him. I’m not talking about Rudy who came late to the party either and is dealing with his own woes. I am talking about the crooked and corrupt people that stood by him since he attacked Rosie O’Donnel, a sitting President, dreamed up this insanity, and decided nepotism was the most valid way to create a staff tasked with running a country. I think his children and their s/o’s should go down in flames too. He was the talking head, but they all left a dark mark in our country and all of them should be brought down. Others don’t agree, but that’s my take.

      1. A song from the black death! I hope they do all fall down – the slimy self-serving bastards. They are all a bunch of crooks.

      2. They epitomise to me the worst of humanity – selfish, cruel, greedy, lying, vicious,nasty, scheming, violent, racist, elitist scum; men who would do anything to get their own way and don’t give a fuck about the consequence. Apart from that they’re fine!

      3. What about his daughter? Miss “im on your side but he won’t listen to me anymore”. Lies. Or now that the heat is on. I’ll cave and get the vaccine. Make sure you get a lot of pics from my good side!! 😣

      4. Maybe. But it’s an awful expensive piece of equipment just to determine that there’s a significant lack of grey matter in that gene pool.

      5. Honestly, I don’t think we need science to prove it. I think some things are just obvious. And even if science proved it, the people who don’t believe it now will not believe it then. Science lies. Global Warming is nonsense, Covid is not real, and if it is real (which it’s totally not despite them getting it), it’s obviously china’s fault. Science will do nothing to change the minds of the believers, and do nothing but confirm what the rest of us already know. In this case, I think science and expensive equipment would be a waste of time because despite their lack of grey matter, a whole lot of people let their grey matter get scrambled because of them

      6. Precisely it’s the Dark Ages of the Enlightenment.

        We are in the information age where many of us remain enlightened but a few have fallen prey to the darkest part of the information age and have tumbled back to the dark ages. Unfortunately, those dark ages are quickly approaching and redefining our modern age into something that was and should not be again

      7. We’re firmly in the age of fake news, propaganda and manipulation. Superstition rules. The Earth is officially flat.

      8. Hey i used to go to the chiropractor where he would put me on a machine and pull my head with pounds and pounds of pressure, then he would twist and crack everything on my person, then I would go back onto traction for him to yank my head again before I got twisted and cracked more. I also like when people walk on my back. When you have a bad back, EVERYTHING feels better when it goes out!

      9. Shanghai? Was it the ones with the big wooden bucket with boiling water and they give you weeds in some tea, or was it the dry pressure point massage?

      10. Pfft. That was the one I liked except when they hit my arches, that just hurt. Otherwise it was amazing. The boiling hot water where it’s ACTUALLY BOILING and they jam your feet into it like you’re not supposed to feel it as you scream in agony and they “hehehe sawwy” And they don’t understand when you ask them in all seriousness from the bottom of your heart with genuine curiosity “are you completely fucking insane? Do you not realize that my feet are on FIRE?” They just look at yuo like YOU’RE the one that lost your mind. Ummmm…. I had no intention of boiling my skin off today so ‘m not the crazy one. Thank you though. I hated that. The only way to make it stop was to literally scream “no! no no no! NO SAME SAME!” and they would stop. No just made them laugh no matter how many times you screamed it. “no same same” made them stop and look at you like “well then what the hell am i supposed to do?” I DON’T KNOW JUST STOP THAT!

        I preferred the accupressure in China. In Thailand I prefer (over all of them) a good Thai massage. This is more gentle than you usually get in thailand and you can tell becasue the girl’s mouth keep moving (I don’t have speakers but I can tell she’s talking through a good portion of it. There’s parts where she can’t – that’s what it’s really like), but skip to 1:25 to see the actual massage.

      11. My foot masseur was an escaped torturer who had taken other employment. She needed no electricity or equipment – just knuckles.

      12. No you would honestly love it.

        Swedish massages is a lot of rubbing and like a classic massage with oils. I…I just can’t. No. It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t relax me, it hurts. I can’t. Bend me, twist me, crack me… dont rub my skin longer than like 12 seconds – it HURTS and I want to break your fingers. It’s just how I’ve always been. I’d rather have my cousin stand on my back with all of his weight and press me into the floor and get my back to pop or crack at least once (and I loathe feet) than spend 5 minutes in a Swedish Massage. Yuo would LOVE it.

        I got about 40 seconds in (after skipping the chick chatting), realzied my skin was crawling and knew it was the perfect video for you

      13. Ok – I could probably handle that. But in my experience they tend to have hands like a cross between hammers and pincers – well capable of beating blocks of steel into flattened panels and bending it into bodywork for intercontinental missiles!

      14. Well there’s an image LOL
        No, I can’t deal with it because they rub the same spot repeatedly and gently. It doesn’t actually do anything to relieve my discomfort, but I hate the feeling of someone rubbing the same spot over and over again – it feels like they’re starting to rub my skin raw. I can get MAYBE three swipes before I’m begging them to move on. It just hurts me. Like when my ex would try to give me a massage, I would legitimately beg him to stop after about 5 minutes. Like “I can’t do this! It HURTS!!” It’s just how I am. You could have baby soft hands, but it immediately feels like sandpaper across my skin. It’s weird, but it’s how I am. I prefer pressure and being twisted because a the end of it, you get the relief you were seeking but no one is trying to rub you to relax. It’s the opposite for me. Other people find massages like that very calming (it’s the style they would use for a couples massage thing) – for me, it’s sheer agony. I’ve actually begged someone to stop and they’re like “but it’s a calming massage” and I was like “bullshit. this hurts, stop touching me!” and they pulled their hands away and I got off the table and put my back against the wall like they were trying to kill me and chased them out of the room Told them to use there remaining 50 minutes as a break and to NEVER touch me again. Owner came in and asked what happened and I said I hate Swedish massage she was like “that was what the gift certificate was for.” I said ANYTHIGN ELSE! PLEASE!” she said I had to pay the difference, I said FINE! She handed me a menu of choices. Thai wasn’t on there, but hot stones and accupressure were. I asked if one person did both and she said yes. Most expensive massage I ever got. I paid for the hot stones and the accupressure was more expensive, and then there was a gift certificate someone paid for as a gift. It was so much better! I was completely relaxed and half asleep by the end of the remaining 45 minutes. But the calm rubbing like one would get to relax literally feels like they’re trying to rip my skin off, even if they put a TON of oil on me. Lke they’re dragging brillo pads over me. I know it’s not normal. Most people love that kind of relaxing massage, but it is far from relaxing for me.

      15. My few experiences with massage have not been positive but I did have a chiropractor who worked wonders for my neck and a physio who sorted out a long-term back injury. I’d recommend them!

      16. I have gone to the chiropractor. Went twice a week for YEARS. Then he left and they stopped cracking me and used the magic table (they pop it in the center and then push you down). They promised it would be better on my body. It was not. I couldn’t get home. I’d get a block away and was so locked up they had to send someone to get me each time. There’s a new chiropractor at a different place and he’s great, but I have to save to see him (wasn’t an issue when there were two incomes). Also acupuncture. I was a baby about it for YEARS, finally I had enough and my cousin said he fixed him right up so I figured that the worst that will happen as that this guy turns me into swiss cheese – I’m already in agony. I went, and I didn’t feel much of anything, but I did feel better. It was later that I could really feel it working during the maintenance sessions. The needle would go in, hit a knot in my back or side or whatever, and I could feel the muscle contract and release, contract and release, contract and release like 15 times in a row, ever contraction was less jolting than the previous until it didn’t budge because it was so loose I wasn’t sure I could actually hold my body straight anymore if I were to stand up. Of course I could, but my muscles are always tense so having them release like that… I felt like a relaxed noodle. It was actually amazing. Sad I had to stop going. He was a one man show and did the cleaning in his office himself… Covid hit and honestly, I didn’t trust him to make people keep their masks on and clean properly afterwards. For relaxation purposes the rooms were warm. A person in a room alone during the muscle relaxing stage will remove their mask. I would want to as well, so I couldn’t blame them. But there was just no way. even though more than once I was dying to go because I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk again, I simply didn’t, and I moved very slowly, and with great difficulty. I had to miss several days of work becuase I simply couldn’t walk at all. At one point, about 6 months in a actually caved. I had gone 6 months barely able to move, i NEEDED some relief. I called, no answer or return call, I texted him with no reply. On the fourth day I was so fed up I called his cell phone (I always get the cell numbers – they always just give them to me without asking – and I HATE using them other than to shoot a quick text when I’m at the point where I’m using the railings to carry myself up the steps – even two steps). I called and no answer. I actually got anxious about him because he told me he lives alone – and during covid, he’s alone and no one is coming by to check on him. Then I convinced myself he had gone on one of his retreats before covid hit (which he did) and the lock downs have him trapped in a foreign country. So I just continued to hobble around until my sister took me to her chiropractor and I could barely get inside. When I was done, I could walk but I felt a funny sensation down my right side. I told him he put me on a table, and poked my entire right side trying to find what was wrong – all the way up to my hair. He could find nothing. But I told him it felt like my limbs were dead except for the million pins and needles i felt. He moved over the middle and nothing. When he went to the left side I was like “you’re other right you were correct before” he told me I was just like my sister and to shut up. He felt around, found something near my shoulder blade and cracked that shoulder blade. Immediately the tingling stopped in my OTHER side, but I had a migraine immediately. He told me that was normal because he literally just cracked every part of my body. I was thinking he was a quack because I never felt this way after my previous chiropractor. I went home and went to sleep. I woke up and felt amazing. Before the end times, I went to him like three more times. I also got a call from the acupuncture guy that he could schedule me – and I was like “where were you?” He said that he had gotten “a touch of the covid and was under the weather”. Yes, it required a healthy hospital stay. Thanks, but I’d rather my back fall off than go to a guy I was already afraid would give me covid and then admitted that he himself got it and required hospital admittance to feel better. I’m good, and I’ll pass

      17. Lol – you’ve had quite a history there!! The problem with backs is that they are not evolved for upright walking. We have backs that are still suited for the sort of quadrupedal movement of chimps and gorillas. We are too new. In a million years or so there will probably be a few mutations that would put that right. The other problem is that we are living too long. Our bodies have evolved to be reproductive and die. I’m well past my sell-by date!

      18. My back is actually messed up because of something I did as a kid. I used to ride horses and I would break all the new ones. We would get them straight from the race track where they are trained to just GO. It was my job to get them to NOT go and become show horses, which is to go slower, gracefully and to go over jumps, which they hate. So, thanks to Newton, I know EXACTLY why my back is the way it is. When you’re sitting in the saddle on a stopped horse and give the horse no reason to go forward, and they suddenly do at a million miles an our, it’s very Loony Toons. You stay exactly where you were just long enough to crumple onto the ground. Or you’re riding and then the horse isn’t under you anymore because they just stopped. So you’re where you shuold be – they’re not. You can almost feel that moment that Wiley Cayote always had – where you’re suspended in the air. or you find out that you can fly over jumps without the assistance of a horse.

      19. I can barely move a great deal of the time (it’s really bad cuz I can push through most pain), but I would do it all over again without hesitation

      20. I love horses. When I was a kid we used to entice them over to the fence and ride them bareback until they bucked us off. That was fun.

      21. Oh, that was part of our training. We would have to ride bareback, staying on while the horse bucked (there was one horse that loved to buck when a bareback rider was on, but was soooo good when the saddle was on), and she also trained us to show on bareback. So we were doing the smaller stuff, the jumps, dressage – all bareback. I also learned to do the barrel races for the local rodeos bareback. I competed in both rodeo and show.

      22. Better than falling off and havnig to compete an hour later with your tail bone sticking out of your nose LOL

        Truthfully, I loved competing back then. Now I just love to ride, and if the horse manages to unseat me, so be it. I love it. But I don’t have any desire to compete in dressage. I can watch them do it on TV – and know THEY fell off three hundred times trying to make it look so smooth. I don’t need to end up on my butt to look smooth while the horse trots sideways. That’s for younger me to have done. Now me says “just ENJOY the experience. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to worry about a competition. Just remember what to do if the stirrup pops off”

      23. My elder sister loves horse riding. She fell off a few years back and fell on her backside. She developed a haematoma the size of a grapefruit and had to have an operation to remove it!
        I was just so young and agile I just bpounced.

      24. “I was just so young and agile I just bpounced.”
        We were all that young once. Just as we get older our aches and pains make us forget LOL

      25. When we are young, light and agile we never seemed to get injured. I was very carefree and adventurous. I’m not as supple now!

      26. I don’t think I was ever light…. but I was young and agile. And I got injured a LOT less, but I broke my arm after being tossed, messed my back up for life, almost broke my pelvis when kicked just right, got bit – Oh, the horsies were a blast! But that’s the only time I remember ever getting hurt – around giant beasts. Oh, and vicious bikes that liked to fight and win. Otherwise, trees didn’t get me, cousins, pools, my own two feet, my evil sisters. There were never any injuries – we’d just bounce back up. Now it feels like if I look at the floor too long while standing, I’ll mentally never be able to get up again LOL

      27. Lol – I used to play three games of rugby a week and apart from breaking my nose (5 games in a row) I never got injured.

      28. Yeah… Used to play a little US Football myself – never formal but it was full tackle with the guys. Smashed into trees, ground into the ground, you name it. I survived with nothing that Peroxide or alcohol wouldn’t give my mother extreme pleasure in applying.

      29. Only off the ceiling when she’d smoosh the alcohol into the booboo. It was always that way – we could take a beating back then. Smashed into the ground, the trees, fell out of trees, tripped up AND down stairs, all of it. Barely ever a tear, never a seriously bad injury. We were nearly indestructable. Young and less brittle. We could do it all. But somehow, when mom had that peroxide on a cotton ball – even though it doesn’t actually burn as an adult (alcohol ALWAYS will), it was like she was sticking your body in hot coals. MAN ALIVE! I still, to this day, can’t explain it. How I could bounce off the sidewalk, but a teeny cotton ball of peroxide was enough to make me scream and run around the house like my skin was on fire.

        I think that maybe just a little bit was an ongoing game we all play. We know we weren’t supposed to be jumping out of trees to land on our cousin’s head when didn’t even know what was happening, so to make her feel better it would hurt…. but I remember it REALLY hurting. I don’t know. I just know that there was nothing that I could possibly do to myself that EVER hurt as much as that stupid peroxide. You can’t bounce away from that. Mom is gonna peroxide that booboo even if you REALLY don’t think it needs it – it’s only a little open and you won’t lose the arm if she doesn’t make it fizz.. You’ll totally live!

        OMG. My stomach just lurhced. I’m an adult. have been for a very long time. I apply peroxide myself when I need to. It’s no big thing! But yet, when I remember benig a kid and… omg why is that so horrible? My mother would love this. Knowing that as an adult my stomach still lurched at the idea of peroxide (hers was iodine from when she was a kid). She would have loved to know that she traumatized me like that LOL

      30. Oh we had those too. But it was what Mom would put on them to make sure they didn’t get infected. It’s funny, as an adult I use peroxide for the same reason and it’s fine. As a kid though….oooo weee.

      31. Yes. Still burns. the ointment she insisted on didn’t burn but she was poking the boo boo so that hurt too… but the peroxide, alcohol or iodine BURNED like you would never believe. We all used to talk about it – we’d rather bleed al over the place than hve her put that on us. But she didn’t care. it gave her pleasure to torture us. I understood later – when she was a kid her mom used to do it for her so they wouldn’t get infected – so now it was her turn. I always thought she was just evil for thinking that. Until i had to put peroxide on my nephew’s scraped knee. Suddenly, I totally got it. My sister thought I was evil until she went to change the bandage. It’s just something mother’s pass on to their evil daughters LOL

      32. mojo is the only way to go – unless you’re mojo is moto. LOL I have no idea why I thought of a cell phone that i think has been out of production for ever and a year LOL

      33. I couldn’t watch that video. I think she had dislocated or broken that leg. Things are not meant to bend that way!! I’d need intensive care after that!

      34. OMG it feels SO good. What was on that video was slow and almost yoga-ish. All about breathing and that kind of thing. In Thiland they say “In” “Out” then jam their knee in your spine as they touch your toes to your head. It stretches out the lower back beautifully. My father loathes them, but last time we were in Thailand he finally caved and said ok. He was screaming and complaining the whole time. I was loving it. After, he was like “that was the worst fucking experience of my life, but I see why you like it. Somehow they pull your ear and the small of your back is stretched or cracked. Or they pull your toe off and it stretches the small of your back. No wonder why you love it!”

        Whenever any one asks me about Thai massage I explain it the best way I know how: “did you ever see Wizard of Oz? Do you remember when the flying monkeys tore apart the scarecrow when they were kidnapping Dorothy and Toto? That’s a Thai massage – they take your leg and throw it ‘over there’ and they take your head and ‘throw it over here’ and in the end, you’re lose, cracked, adn happy.”

      35. If I did that it would probably break my leg in three places and dislocate both knee and hip. It might also crush at least three vertebrae and I’d never walk again.

      36. You’re being dramatic. It’s done in a way that WON’T cause those injuries, it just looks way more… aggressive than it really is. When I’m locked up and can’t walk because of my back, it’s one of the few things that fixes it.

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