Spam – What is it? And why?

I have just finished by daily ritual of removing spam. Thanks to the vagaries of WordPress and their ‘improvements’ this now takes much longer than it used to.

I used to be able to press a button and hey presto all my spam would evaporate. I now have to eradicate them in batches of twenty, press lots of buttons and wait. That’s progress.

While I am waiting I usually scan the spam to see what’s there.

Because I am male I receive the usual crap – porn links, offers for Viagra, penis enlargement and links to ladies whose services I might enjoy – though these have become fewer lately. I wonder what spam female bloggers receive.

Right now I seem to be receiving lots of posts about Bitcoin, gambling and long extracts from medical journals.

It makes me wonder.

Why do these fools clog up my computer with this annoying spam? Do some people actually click on any of this stuff? Are there fools out there who would buy Viagra from some unknown site?

Do some people look at this advert for Bitcoin and think ‘I could be making a fortune here, I’ll buy some of that!’

Why are people sending me extracts from medical journals? Is there some unknown reason behind this that I can’t fathom out? Weird.

I think that because I run a blog and put out a large number of posts I attract in a lot of spam. Does anybody else have the same problem.

Annoying isn’t it?

If there is a way of making life more difficult then there are always people out there who will do it.

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