Climate Change Deniers – Evolution.

As the temperature rises, heatwaves kill, bushfires and droughts ravage the world, floods and disasters mount up, coral bleaches, species creep and ice melts there are still those who believe the fake news put out by right wing sites supporting polluting industries.

Once attached to an emotional stance they refuse to accept the evidence – preferring to play ostrich. Finally they wake up when it’s too late.

13 thoughts on “Climate Change Deniers – Evolution.

      1. Fires in the Gulf of Mexico is man made and a solid yellow. Other things red. But once there are too many things in red, you have no choice but to step into yellow eventually.

      2. The fondness and memories live on but sometimes there is an ache for what was and is now lost. That hole never heals. I miss them all.

      3. This is in the wrong post, but Kay 😂
        I never said it heals. I said that they can hurt less. And missing someone is normal. Even if they’re just away at a friends house. When you love, you miss. That’s the beautiful and complicated reality.

      4. As far as this scale I’m definitely yellow – FUCK!!!! What Have We Done!!!! When will we wake up???

  1. Maybe everybody, or almost everybody, is in yellow, but very few are willing to change to a make a difference.

    1. Yes. But I don’t think it should be left to individuals. This is too big. It requires changes that are too big and expensive. The interim may be costly – moving over from old polluting industries and machines – but in the future it will not only be cleaner but also cheaper and more efficient. Governments need to fund and lead that interim.

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