Poetry -I’m Full of Holes

I’m Full of Holes

There is a hole where you once lived

Now that hole lives in me

Your sun set into a deepening sea

Its red glow now resides in me

I’m so full of holes and glows

I can hardly see

My eyes hazy

With salty sea

There is a hole where you once lived

Now that hole lives in me

Opher -2.7.2021

Thinking of friends, losses and partings

7 thoughts on “Poetry -I’m Full of Holes

    1. Thank you. Meeting old friends makes me so sad for the many who have gone – people that meant so much to me, who shared my life, shaped my life, loved and were loved – and now are so missed. They can never be replaced.

      1. I still have the colours they left in my mind even if there are also the holes. They were unique, special and irreplaceable. You are right Marla.

      2. But that’s the beauty of colors. When one is claimed, even lost, there are many more shades to make a beautiful tapestry of your life. My mother’s mother was a color, her 18 children were all shades of that color. They got married and have children. Those children are shades of their parents mixed together but never the same. Color builds on color and compliments each other to create a uniqueness all your own. And when one color starts to seem so faded that it’s almost gone, something happens and it is replaced and recolored as vibrant as before. When my niece and nephew do certain things they are things my mother did that they would never have known (he was one and she was in utero). Suddenly her vibrancy is back as though it is still present and their colors are still their own. Stop and appreciate the beautiful tapestry you carry inside woven of all those you have known and extended love. It doesn’t fill the holes, but it makes them a little less painful.

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