Carl Sagan – On us being bamboozled

Yes we are being bamboozled. The wealthy have been taking the whole world for a ride and bamboozling us.

Trump bamboozled for his own end.

Johnson, Gove and Farage bamboozled us to get Brexit.

The whole populist agenda is one big bamboozle. A bunch of overprivileged millionaires who bamboozled the public into thinking they were on our side.

We’ve been bamboozled so long we don’t know up from down.

13 thoughts on “Carl Sagan – On us being bamboozled

  1. β€œWe’re no longer interested in finding out the truth” is pretty much how our government has been running for 5 years. The Oompa Loompa came in and the conservatives pulled the whole πŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ and still are. He still holds sway in that corner, which is insane.

      1. The menace is still there. I think people have to prepare. I hope that the country is getting organised. Trump has created a poison running through the bloodstream of America. It needs lancing forever!

      2. I will agree with every single point you have made so far. That previous one is so horrifying that it could be wishfully considered by many (me included) to be a vulgar lie. That is the soap.

      3. He could still slip in by the backdoor just like he nearly did last time!! An evil, duplicitous and extremely nasty man.

      4. Against all rational thought, I chose to believe that we are better than that and that extremely odius man will not resume where he left off. Luckily I still have 3 years of this delusion remaining

      5. It’s not complacency. It is a much needed break. That man has exhausted me. I have kicked and screamed up until recently even though he was no longer there. But I am tired. I just need to rest my wearied bones for a little while. Let the younger ones step up for a change. I only need a few hour nap.

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