4 thoughts on “A few Corona Virus Graphs to think about – courtesy of Neil Lock!!

  1. I only see five, Opher; but then, I was trained as a mathematician, so I can’t count!

    The falling off of the third graph since the new year does suggest that the vaccine is having some impact on deaths per case. Evidence of any significant impact of the vaccine on transmission of the virus is, as yet, unclear. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. Lol!! I’ve corrected that Neil. It’s not your counting it’s my writing!
      I thought there was evidence that the vaccine greatly reduced transmission, Neil? Is that not the case?

      1. I’ve heard stories on both sides. One says the vaccine doesn’t do much to stop people getting the virus or transmitting it, but only makes its effects less likely to be serious. The other is that the vaccine does inhibit transmission significantly. My guess – and it’s only a guess at this point – is that the truth lies somewhere between the two. I’ll be looking at that once I’m through with my current batch of monster essays on philosophy and politics!

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