Poetry – The Alphabet of Life

The Alphabet of Life

Each letter, each word,

Each sentence, paragraph and chapter

Is precious.

Any loss leaves a hole

In the telling of our tale.

We become as impoverished

As empty

As the blank pages

We create.

What profiteth a man

When he has gained

The whole sterile globe

But lost

More than he will ever know?

Opher 25.6.2018

The Alphabet of Life

I was thinking about the incredible DNA molecule that spells out the alphabet of life. Back in the beginning that first amazing molecule started the ball rolling. We have all descended from that. We are all related. Every single cell of life is wondrous, precious and miraculous.

Yet we are destroying life at an increasing rate, driving species after unique species into extinction. Yet every single species is precious.

We should certainly respect it more!!

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