The Pornography Wars – Current State of Play.

The Pornography Wars – Current State of Play.

OpherThe Pornography Wars May 31, 2021

After five rewrites/edits, taking into account feedback from my volunteer readers, I have produced the final document. It currently stands at 90,000 words – approximately 215 pages.

I am pleased with the outcome. I have been concerned that the sex might be a bit too graphic but I think it works.

I have been working on the style with a view to making the sentences and paragraphs short in order to make it a fast, light read.

I wanted to get the balance between humour, satire and serious content and that is hard to judge.

I have now designed the cover and written the back cover notes (see the last post).

I am having a final read through and tweak before casting it adrift!

Novels have a life of their own. This one bears little relationship to the one I set out to write! Isn’t that strange??

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