Poetry – I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for the things I didn’t do

And the things I did.

For the things I did not give, the things I gave

And the things I kept.

I’m sorry for the angry words, the silence

And even the apologies,

Or lack of apologies.

I’m sorry for agreeing, disagreeing,

As well as being stubborn, compliant and obtuse.

I’m sorry for what I have destroyed, built and hoarded.

I’m sorry for the way I’ve lived – the selfishness, selflessness and reluctance to change.

I’m sorry for what I could not do, as well as what I’ve achieved.

I’m sorry for my beliefs, deeds and obsessions.

I’m sorry for my mistakes and the things I got right.

It was all wrong

And I am truly sorry.

I will try to do better –

But you know –

I may just do it all again.

Opher 21.6.2017

I’m Sorry

Well I am sorry. There are many things that you think back on and realise that you could have done better, people you let down, embarrassments, injustices. Life is littered with them.

Even when you are doing things right the effects may be detrimental to someone.

Relationships are difficult. Being a man is difficult. Living is full of uncertainties. Even the certainties turn out to be wrong.

But – overall – I wouldn’t change it much!! I’m sorry.

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