Poetry – Election Reality

Election Reality

As glee turns to gloom

In the stroke of a pen

Ballot papers

Crash in the box.

Supporters all cheer

While clenching their fists

And sweat gathers

In socks.

They await the count

As the tellers tot up and tension grows in the room.

Aspirations and hopes

Hang on anxious threads yearning to lift the gloom.

Who can tell the outcome?

The people have spoke!

The arrogant fall.

The certainty broke.

Now’s not the time

For the bold to choke!!

Opher – 8.6.2017

There is always a great deal of excitement around elections. We stay up all night to see our most hated heinous politicians voted out and to await the outcome.

Referendums are even worse.

It doesn’t always work out the right way though. Often we are landed with an obnoxious outcome that we have to swallow. All too often the results go against the dreams we have for the future.

The art is to pick yourself up and continue the fight for what is right.

The dream is not destroyed – merely delayed.

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