Poetry – How To Destroy What We Have

How To Destroy What We Have

When we swat or chop

We are the poorer.

From splendour to flop

We destroy the aurora.

Best to stand and wonder

At the beauty of the beast

Rather than just plunder –

To reduce it to its least.

Opher – 11.2.2017

How To Destroy What We Have

All life is connected in one great mesh. When any organism perishes we are all the less.

Destruction is easy.

Building is hard.

Every time we kill a fly or hoe a weed we are stealing someone’s meal.

Every tree we trim or ditch we dredge robs a multitude of creatures of their habitats.

By removing the things we do not like we distort the web and destroy the things we love as well.

If we wish to have birds singing, frogs croaking, butterflies dancing and ladybirds flying home then we must have the weeds and flies too.

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