Tory Cuts to Overseas Aid

It’s millions handed out to Tory Cronies for nothing – PPE that doesn’t work, contracts farmed out abroad, millions pocketed.

The small grants that go to provide girls’ education or essential food for starving children obviosly can no longer be afforded.

How many tens of billions has Boris Johnson cost us?? The cost of his decoration alone would have fed thousands of kids!!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell.

107 thoughts on “Tory Cuts to Overseas Aid

    1. Looks like a great film – I’ll watch out for it. The Nazis were an absolute disgusting stain on humanity – such a shame that the Jews are adopting many of their racist attitudes and practices.

      1. Nu Ass Hat just how do you propose to hold China accountable for their “racism” against Taiwan? Idiot talk is cheap.

      2. Chinese Muslims attacked by Chinese Communists — “its sovereignty” what a shit for brains idiotic declaration!

      3. The Chinese do not put down Uyghurs attempts for “sovereignty” like your theology of religion preached? Ass Hat – what a shit for brains idiotic declaration!

      4. Bull shit, the Uyghurs oppose Chinese communist control and domination of their political autonomy. Idiot.

      1. You are weird. Some film of the liberation of the horrendous concentration camps run by the Nazis. They are real Moshe.
        Here’s the British liberating Jews from Belsen:

        Here’s Auschwitz:

        You need to learn a lesson from these dreadful events – stop being racist! Stop calling people subhuman! It puts you on the same level as these Nazis.

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      3. The 1939 paper was a mistaken attempt to keep peace. Churchill, who is a bastard, decided to bomb munitions factories and military targets instead. Highly debateable.

      4. Revisionist Holocaust denier Coward, the Churchill ‘White Paper’ of 1923 sought to undermine and negate the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Idiot you do not even know the history of your own country. Pathetic fool.

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      7. By your brain dead stupidity Taiwan compares to the Balestinians. Idiot. Most European countries favor a 1 state solution.

      8. Dumb ass, Taiwan does not compare to the stateless Arab refugees residing temporarily within Israel. Taiwan during the Covid-19 crisis shined. The Arab refugees have failed following the Oslo Accords to build up a viable domestic economy. Dumb Ass.

      9. No Taiwan doesn’t in any way relate to Israel and the Palestinians.
        Taiwan has a state. The Palestinians need one.

      10. Idiot Chiang Kai Shek fought and lost a war against Communist Mao. Todays stateless Arab refugees fought and lost a war against Israeli nationalists. Nu idiot what’s the difference. Shit for brains.

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      13. Thank you. Many names – many phases. And now the Jews claim the land because of some obscure religious writing. What utter nonsense.

      14. Now there’s a debate. How long have the English been living in Ireland?
        How long have the Jews been in Israel?
        Should all the jews be kicked back to the countries they came from?

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        Only fascist idiots oppose such a solution and continue the use of excessive force to suppress.

      18. No. Completely wrong. Chiang Kai Shek fought against Mao and fled to Taiwan (Formosa). It isn’t anything to do with race. They are both Chinese with different politics. China claims Taiwan.
        Glad to educate you.

      19. A vast majority of Taiwanese associate themselves as Taiwanese NOT Chinese, you silly brain dead fool.

      20. Chiang Kai Shek took his army across to Taiwan. They were all Chinese. The people in Taiwan are Chinese. The ethnic minorities are minorities. My daughter lived there.

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      29. The PA, once – in my own lifetime – Bethlehem – was a Xtian city. Now almost all the xtian populations living in the PA have fled. Whooooooooooop!!

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