Boris Johnson On The Ropes!!

The one thing you can count on among Tories is that they will stab each other in the back at the first opportunity.

I’m amazed that Johnson is still here. I thought they’d dump him in January when Brexit was through. He’d served his purpose, making millions for them and dealing with the shit. They know he’s a loose cannon. He will put his foot in it at the earliest opportunity. His lies catch up with him.

He’s been caught out again – lying about where the money for his flat decoration came from, lying about saying that he’d rather have bodies piling up in thousands than have another lockdown, lying about the ‘Chatty Rat’.

Just as it was with Trump – it’s been a series of blatant lies.

Can we really have a Prime Minister who lies to everyone? Who nobody around the world can trust? Who is treated with derision and viewed abroad as a clown – as a symbol of the decline of Britain? Who breaks international and national laws without thought? Who dithers around uselessly? Who cheerleads instead of leads? Who cannot talk sense without an autocue? Who goes missing and is not on top of the job?

The Tories were obviously lining up Rishi to take over but Johnson had a surge of popularity and all was forgiven.

When your own press turns against you your days are numbered!

The Daily Mail – chief propaganda muck spreader – has decided enough is enough. The days of the populist clown are being counted. They’ve had enough lies, corruption and incompetence.

The knives are out.

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