Poetry – Freedom


Freedom is a concept that is compromise

An idea of amorality

That is even a landmine for the wise.

One man’s freedom impinges on us all

When without restraint,

Limits or bounds

It could result in making

Others crawl.

For the main we learn to rub along quite well

To find our ways through the twists

Without plunging others into hell.

When I speak of freedom

I mean equality,

Fairness, justice and space

For all humanity.

Others speak not of freedom

But selfishness;

Wanting it all for themselves

Without a thought for the rest.

My freedom is of the loving kind.

Opher 1.5.2016


I am always reminded of Donovan when I hear the word freedom. Back when I was a boy I remember sitting in my room playing that Donovan track – Catch the Wind – and taking in that line – Freedom is a word I rarely use without thinking of the times when I’ve been loved.

Freedom is relative and can never be complete. There are too many strictures. If we choose to live within a social setting then we need to be aware of the feelings and needs of those around us. That is a limitation on our freedom, a compromise of our actions.

We are all different and yet we find a way of rubbing along together. That is life. We accommodate each other; we assist, help and look after each other. In return we get warmth, friendship and reciprocal help when we need it. We create society.

What stands out are the ones who refuse to be part of that society, who are greedily exploiting and grabbing everything they can for themselves. For them their freedom to do what they want becomes the abuse of others.

I strive for a fair world where the compromise between personal freedom and social equality is based on empathy and compassion.

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