6 Ways the government is abandoning Human Rights

I was shocked!!

Only six??

Obviously Amnesty international has not thought about this enough.

I would have thought that continually lying about Brexit and the Corona Virus must surely be an infringement of human rights.

Then there are the take overs of the media – like the BBC being stuffed with Tories. Surely that is a move to a one-party state? An infringement of rights?

The changes to electoral boundaries??

The propaganda machine that operates through the newspapers?

Isn’t the incompetence that has resulted in 132,000 deaths an infringement of human rights?

Or the giving of billions of pounds to their chums?

Or the austerity programme of pay cuts for the poor and public servants?

Amnesty surely needs to do better than this!!

6 Ways the UK Is ‘Abandoning Human Rights’, According to Amnesty International (globalcitizen.org)

12 thoughts on “6 Ways the government is abandoning Human Rights

  1. Opher, I think you understate your case. And so, even, do Amnesty International. To take their six points in turn:

    (1) As I’ve already told you, I regard peaceful protest as a basic human right. As long as it doesn’t harm innocent third parties.

    (2) Yes, refusing to launch an independent inquiry into the COVID fiasco, after more than a year, is a serious breach of trust. Though, even if they did launch an inquiry, would it be independent and objective? Sigh.

    (3) Gender isn’t one of my hot-button issues. But if people want to live the way they want, they can, as long as it doesn’t harm innocent third parties… (Oops, I repeat myself).

    (4) All aggressive violence is wrong. All.

    (5) Yes, the Saudis are bad news, particularly to the Yemenis. One of the things Trump did that I liked, was setting a course to make the USA energy independent. That would mean that future, more understanding US leaders would be able to drop their reliance on Saudi Arabia, and get the hell out of the Middle East. But Biden is reversing it.

    (6) Yes. Asylum is a minefield.

    As to your points (no particular order):

    Politicians, and anyone else whose job is paid by tax money, lying to the people they are supposed to be serving ought to be punishable, and a dismissal offence if gross or repeated.

    The UK media is already, with only a very few exceptions, a tool of the state.

    A significant number of big corporations are tools of the state, too.

    As to incompetence, my view is that everyone – every sane adult, anyway – should be held responsible for the effects on others of their voluntary actions. But the current political system (which dates from the 16th century, by the way) lets politicians and other state functionaries get away with their crimes, until they’re caught. “The king can do no wrong,” and all that. And under the current system they often don’t get caught for decades, or even for a whole lifetime.

    1. I agree with you Neil – politicians need locking up for lying!! We let them get away with far too much. They should be fined for wasting our money too! THat might stop them!

      1. The tradition of Europeans to condemn Jews, “scapegoat” for their own crimes. That vile behavior defines a coward.

  2. This is all stealth power sneaking up on our basic rights. Just recently appalled by Pimlico Academy. Check out who is CEO and the wife in charge of curriculum across all their academies. Local authorities may have had issues but could be called to account.

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