Poetry – Buk Stops Here

Buk Stops Here

Flesh covered my bones

                They put a mind in my head

In a world of futility

                They put a mind in my head!

I was forced


                                The pointless

                                                Rat race

A letter fitting clerk


                                In a pigeon hole

No wonder

                The madhouses are filled

But I laid down my guts

                And the gods answered

An odyssey

                With the defeated, demented and damned

                                The bums and whores

I drank and fought

                Until the truth

                                Came out

                                                Like hot turds

Some people are dumb

                So dumb

                                Without honesty

Nothing is real

I know what it means

                To be a bum

                                A boozehound with an oceanic thirst

A mythic roughneck

Iā€™m gnarled and hoary

                Perennially drunk

                                And broke

But with the epiphany

                Of alcohol

The pulp fiction hero

                The laureate of lowlife

                                A whore

Beer costs money

                Whores cost money

I dispense hilarity and despair

                An intellectual

                                Electric shock

                                                To the balls

Out of futility


                                Booze, bums and whores

To fill the void

                Until the Buddhist monks


                                                The futility

As the graveyards fill

                And I run out

                                Of booze and whores


                Is a gamble

                                We all lose

Opher 1.4.2021

For Hank.

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