Down the Suez Canal – Photos

I thought this was appropriate to reblog this at a time when one of those huge cargo ships is stuck! I certainly wouldn’t want to be in charge of one of those. The canal has to constantly be dredged because sand is blown in. It is really narrow in places! Those cargo ships are enormous and difficult to manouevre. There are a few really narrow bits and bends.

Opher's World

It was interesting travelling down the Suez Canal. What was apparent was that it was a militarized zone. It has featured in the Israeli/Egypt wars. There are military camps, gun towers, pontoon bridges and armed troops all along its length.

The canal also provides a living for local fishermen. Small boats can be seen all along. It seemed a dangerous business to me with all these huge ships heading through.

There were also ferries beetling back and forth between ships.

The towns and cities, with a backdrop of huge sand dunes and foreground of palm trees, sat in the middle of desert sand.

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