The Corona Diaries – Day 368

It was all down to rain togs as me and my mate Nic went for a walk in the Yorkshire rain. Aye lad – it’s good for the soul! Puts hairs on yer chest!.

We walked over the fields to the next village and got drenched and blustered!!

Back home I dried off aby listening to Cream and then did a bit of writing!!

Out in Coronaland the stupidity continues.

I am beginning to think that it might be better to take myself off somewhere quiet – away from people. Humanity is nuts!!

The lies of Brexit are coming home to roost. Instead of putting £350,000,000 a week into the NHS it is costing the country a fortune.

Instead of creating jobs and opening up opportunities it has narrowed horizons and restricted choice.

The free movement promised is drowning in customs checks and red tape.

It has lost us a lot of trade and is shutting down viable companies.

It has made enemies out of friends.

It has put out sovereignty into the hands of a bunch of overprivileged twerps.

The country is poorer, the outlook bleaker and all of Project Fear is now Project Reality.

Gove, Farage and Johnson are doing very nicely though!!

Seemingly there is no accountability for lies told!!

Likewise with Covid-19. The lies go unpunished – a ring of care, cronyism with contracts, billions wasted. The incompetence, the cover-ups, world-beating apps, world-beating Track and Trace – world-beating bloody moonshots:-

127,000 dead and many more severely damaged.

The worst hit economy in the G7.

Who’s accountable????

The number of new infections is not dropping. We are about to open up the economy. The R rate is rising. Doesn’t look good to me!!

This is exactly what happens when you put a clown in charge!! I never thought I’d be wishing Cameron or May was in charge! Even Thatcher would have done a better job!!

Where is the Labour Party when you need them???

We seem to have just about avoided a vaccine war with our neighbours!!

Then there’s the vaccine passport!! It looks a certainty! Countries are already demanding vaccine proof. There will be restaurants, cinemas, stadia all doing the same. It makes sense. Who wants to be sitting next to someone who may be infected??

The only way we have got rid of all those killer viruses – smallpox, tuberculosis, polio, cholera, diptheria….. is through mass vaccination.

A cursory glance at family history shows the huge toll on families of kids and adults dying of these diseases. That no longer happen – because of vaccination.

Looks like a booster jab in the Autumn to pick up the variants!! That means we would be out of this until next year!!

They are worried about the variants messing up the vaccine programme but are still letting in people from hotspots without proper checks. They never seem to learn. They never check what the successful places are doing!!

We are being led by donkeys – the same group of overprivileged twerps who ran the Raj! How do we allow this to happen? Are we nuts?? They are running it for their own benefit!

All these past nutters who introduced austerity and caused Brexit, who have been administering cuts and pay freezes, zero hours and misery walk into multimillion pound jobs!!

Johnson and Gove are feathering their nests! The cabinet is made up on multimillionaires! They made huge profits out of Brexit and Covid and we pick up the pieces!!

Rees-Mogg firm’s plan to profit from coronavirus called ‘grotesque’ (

Jacob Rees Mogg Makes Billions From No Deal Brexit (

It’s corruption!!

Stay safe!!

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