Poetry – Trumped

I wrote this five years ago at the advent of this surge of fascist populism that was swamping the world – Trump, Johnson, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Modi – all a bunch of extreme right-wing sloganeers. They used simple populist slogans to get elected and then, when the covid-19 virus struck, showed us quite clearly how useless they were.



Leading us all

Towards a blizzard

Of blood and fire.


Pointing the way


Into oblivion.



To the top,

In black and white


I’m sorry.

I think I just trumped.

Opher 9.5.2016


We are beset by a huge number of problems. The collapse in the world economy has created misery in its wake. Those in power have chosen to impose austerity on the poor while unleashing the rich in the hopes they might generate wealth.

We have war, fundamentalism, environmental destruction, species eradication, mass poverty, mass migration, terrorism, poaching, pollution, disease, sexism, religious ferment, homophobia and racism.

Some choose to exploit this with sloganeering simplicity and populist propaganda. If only it was that simple.

Do not worry.

I will solve all your problems.

I will build a wall.

I will ban all minorities from breathing our air.

I will destroy all who oppose us.

I will stand up to Putin and the communist threat.

I will unleash a war on terrorism.

I will wipe out all terrorists, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban.

I will stop migration.

I will not give a damn about anyone else outside of this country.

I will isolate us from the problems of the world.

I will lock up the gangs, criminals and wrongdoers.

I will stop any other religion coming in.

I will keep our country pure.

I will make us great again!!!

What we need is strong leadership!! More walls!!! More bans!!! More balls!!! More Wars!!! More trade restrictions!! Less care!! Less tolerance!!! And less pussy-footing about!!

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