Poetry – Hate


Hate for the heretic.

Hate for the non-believer.

Hate for the apostate.

Hate for the deceiver.

Hate for the foreigner.

Hate for a colour.

Hate for everything

Makes the world so much duller.

There’s a world run on hate and fear.

Love and tolerance for the different –

Celebrate – and why not?

For who preaches all this hate?

And what do they want?

Opher 18.4.2016


It seems to me that behind all the hate are people stirring it up, feeding in the lies, poking for an opening.

They have their reasons.

Perhaps it is about power?

Perhaps they enjoy cruelty?

Perhaps they gain pleasure out of chaos and misery.

The psychopaths and sociopaths are full of self-importance and hatred.

It is so easy to create. Yet what does it achieve? Division, war and cruelty.

So who are these preachers of hatred?

Isn’t it time we told them all to simply desist?

Tolerance, love and brother/sisterhood – that is what I preach.

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