Poetry – Hand full of gimme.

Hand full of gimme.

I was talking to a banker

                On a train

                                Into the city.

I asked him why he did it

                He looked at me

                                With pity.

Looking down his nose

                At my

                                Colourful attire

Like I was burning all his principles

                On a flaming

                                Sacred pyre.

His face was a screwed up

                As if I’d killed a holy cow.

He had a hand full of gimme

                A mouth full of now.

Opher – 17.3.2021

I am always bemused as to why anybody would want to spend their life simply trying to accumulate money. It seems so pointless.

Yes – I can understand why someone might want to have wealth in order to afford luxury, but this is something else.

It is not that they wish to live in comfort or enjoy life to the full; it is an obsession with accumulating more.

They do not work in order to live; they work in order to gain more wealth.

I think it all comes down to the basic principle of what one chooses to do with one’s life. We all live by a philosophy.

Simply accumulating wealth is cold and empty.

Life is for living. Money is simply a means, not an end.

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