Poetry – I do not accept the limits

I do not accept the limits

I do not accept the limits of my life.

Why should I?

There are no rules.

To push the boundaries

Is just part

Of what makes up

This pack of tools.

I dream of the impossible;

To create

A panacea

Fit for fools.

Opher 14.4.2016

I do not accept the limits

There are no rules. We make life up each and every moment.

All we have are habits and a heritage that we must pick from. Yet, with intelligence and personality, we can choose whatever path presents. We do not have to tread the well-trodden route.

There is nothing we cannot try. There is no way of knowing where a new path leads. That is how we discover new places.

If we try we might just succeed. There are no limits to what can be achieved if we but try.

We make our own limits, usually well within our scope. It is best to reach further even if we fall.

We are all building a new future.

There is a part to play.

Who is holding back?

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